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Enlightened Wrapped Amber Nugget Necklace

Enlightened Wrapped Amber Nugget Necklace

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This polished nugget of Baltic amber is gently wrapped in wire is a delicate piece of jewelry that accents any outfit.  Fun fact: you'll be wearing something that's millions of years old! (Look closely, and you may spot a tiny fossilized insect).

The pendant is strung on a silver colored chain.  This can be swapped out for a shorter or longer chain if desired.  Amber pendant measures 1.5 cm.  Because each pendant is one-of-a-kind, the actual item may differ slightly from the photo.  

Baltic amber is fossilized tree resin, and oftentimes includes tiny bits of insect pieces from a long ago time.  Alternative medicine practitioners value amber for the metaphysical properties of healing both body and mind. 

Seacoast Pop Up Original crafted item.

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