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Gray & White Hot Pad Hand-braided & Handsewn from Repurposed Fabric Scraps

Gray & White Hot Pad Hand-braided & Handsewn from Repurposed Fabric Scraps

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This handcrafted fabric hot pad, aka trivet, is made of repurposed scrap fabric from old or unwanted clothing. My goal is to keep as much fabric as possible out of landfills. These fabrics all have a second purpose to give! Creating something useful, such as this trivet, gives me a sense of satisfaction--and it's also a relaxing, enjoyable hobby.

Measures 6.5" across.

How it's made: after I cut the fabric into strips, I meticulously braid them by hand. I create a coil with the braid, then pin or sew in place. I continue winding the fabric and hand-sewing as I go along--just enough stitches to hold the shape of the trivet.

I choose the strips of fabric based on colors that I think might go well together. Many times, there's not enough of the same fabric to keep a consistent pattern, but that's what makes these so fun and unique! It's not always certain how the end product will look, which makes it a kind of surprise.

Hand-braided trivets not only add a homespun, country touch to your home decor, but serve a practical use in protecting your tabletops & counters.

**Spot clean only, do not put in washing machine or dryer

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