Brand Ambassador Partner Program

Seacoast Pop Up Fashions is seeking enthusiastic, social media friendly, fashion-forward partners to join the Brand Ambassador/Partner Program. Your role will involve sharing products on social media to help build brand awareness. This program is open to customers or established social media influencers looking for a great company to partner with.

Upon entering the program, Brand Ambassadors will be given a credit for free clothing from the website for the purpose of promoting the product. Once you receive your clothing, please take professional-looking, high quality pictures of yourself wearing the item(s) in several poses. When you're ready to share the pictures on social media, you'll be given a code for your friends/followers that is uniquely traced to you.  The code also gives your friends a percentage off the their purchase.  It will be a one-use only code.  I request that you post two times, including the following:  

  1. pictures of yourself wearing the clothing
  2. an enthusiastic product write up/recommendation 
  3. my website address  
  4. a tag # or @ SeacoastPopUp 
  5. the code!  

When you reach certain thresholds with follower sales, you will be rewarded again with a percentage off your next sale, unrelated to the campaign. We can then start the process over with another credit of free clothing, plus a discount.

You must be at least 18 years old to be an Ambassador.  

Ready to get started?  Contact me today!