About Me

I'm not a fashionista.

I just happen to enjoy the process of selecting clothing.  More precisely, I love going into my closet and finding something right away that makes me feel comfy, but also "me". I knew I wasn't alone in this, that there were other women out there who felt the same.  You just want to wear what you feel good in, whether it's a flannel lumberjack top or a floral dress!  That's what inspired me to create my own store, where I could curate a selection of this kind of apparel....because we don't all fit into neat little boxes.

Fun Fact #1: Seacoast Pop Up Shop is a traveling bus boutique (hence the name)   If you're in the Dover, NH area, please contact me for a shopping visit!  Fun Fact #2: I also offer my own sketched/painted designs printed on clothing, handsewn items, and rustic jewelry under my label Mallard Cove NH. It's exhilarating to satisfy that artistic need while being able to share my art with the world!  

A little about me....originally an Art major, I graduated with a BA in Psychology  and did volunteer work through Americorps National Service  after college.  As a native New Englander, I love being out in nature, reading, and spending time with my family.  Animals (both the wild ones and my pets!) are also very important to me, but my husband and kids are what keeps my heart beating.

Thanks for being here!  

Aimee Dion