Mallard Cove head wraps aka buffs are made with a single layer of comfy stretch knit fabric.   Cover your head (or hold back hair) without the need to tie or knot anything, or wear around your neck as a gaiter.  Perfect for every day, outdoors, and athletics. Works especially well under bike, cycling, and motorcycle helmets.  Wear around neck as a gaiter, or up over the mouth and nose during hikes, bike rides, and motorcycle trips.  A great alternative to a bandanna and so much more comfortable!  Also ideal for people who have lost hair due to chemotherapy, alopecia areata, or other medical conditions.  Suitable for all ages!  

Please note the length can vary, and will be in the description.  They are generally 10-10.5 inches long, but I also make them a bit longer (11-12 inches) for those who want full head coverage, and likewise shorter for those who don't want full head coverage.

These headbands are handmade by shop owner Aimee Dion.