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Womp-womp, it's over. Do you have the Black Friday / Cyber Monday Blues?

Whether you're on the retail side or the consumer side (or both), the build up surrounding Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday has come to an end.  The much-anticipated deals, steals, and bargains are over.  Finished. Done.  

There's a sense of relief, and (hopefully) happiness at how it turned out, but there's also a bit of let down.  It's the Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday Blues. For shoppers and shop owners alike, the thought is likely "what's next?"  

From the point of view as a shopper/consumer, it's been my experience that retailers still have some tricks up their sleeves.  No, it might not be a crazy-good coupon code or deal, but perhaps it a re-stock of my son's favorite toy, model set, or Legos.   It could be my husband's favorite mountain biking mag has released their yearly photo spectacular, which always makes a great gift.

Coming at it from the other side, there's also benefits as a retailer, because our vendors sometimes give shop owners discounts and special pricing, too.  I have to be honest, it's not always as exciting or as big of a discount as consumer promotion  (remember, apparel wholesalers are directly manufacturing the product or the middle man distributor, so their profit margin is very slim).  But it's a savings nonetheless. Another boutique owner may read this and get mad at me for spilling the beans--so why am I?  Because I want you to know what this means for YOU as a consumer.

When I reap savings, I can pass them along to you.  Likewise, these savings sometimes mean I can carry items normally out of the shop's price range. I understand what my customers want to spend, and I work hard to keep in line with that.

That being said, I'm excited to share some new stock shortly.  Further, I have lots of handmade accessories that are created with love by yours truly to post.  

Chin up, and stay tuned.  Good things are still on the horizon.




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